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I am very pleased to be asked to write a character reference letter for Peter Holden. In the past 15 years that I’ve known Pete, I have watched him build his current retail business over the years, he has shown himself to be reliable, trustworthy and have an excellent work ethic which is a reflection of his abilities and hard work.
I have been impressed with his dedication to any endeavor that he has been involved with. Peter demonstrates a giving and generous nature with his free time, donating his time for community projects. On more than one occasion he has stepped up and gone above and beyond the call to support his co-workers and timely completion of his projects.
In addition to these great qualities, Peter has displayed great enthusiasm and initiative; he has excellent communication skills and has a friendly and outgoing personality. I am sure he will be a dedicated and highly talented asset to whatever real estate project he pursues.
Jim Christmas
J W Christmas & Associates, Inc., Owner

I have known Peter Holden for 32 years and have had ample opportunity to work with Pete on several projects, both in the course of my business and on a personal level. Pete is an honest, hard working, individual who gives his all to whatever project he is involved in. He is trustworthy, conscientious, and fair. I would highly recommend Peter Holden with LHI Real Estate Solutions for whatever your real estate needs are.
Dan Pargoff
Dynamic Air, President

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